Resources for Education has compiled some helpful resources on everything from acing the praxis exam to financing your education. We would love these resources to be an asset to those pursuing advanced degrees and certification. Check out some of our resources pages below:

The Ultimate Guide to the Praxis Exam

We created an exhaustive and comprehensive resource aimed at providing all the information neccesary for someone interested in taking the praxis exam, a teacher certification examination popular across the united states.

Discover The Ultimate Guide to the Praxis Exam

Financing Your Education

The price of a college education has skyrocketed in the modern era, making access to education a major issue across the United States. To help students achieve their professional goals through advanced education, we have created a guide to financing your eduction, specifically in the teaching profession.

Explore Tips on Financing Your Education

Applying for Your Masters

The application process can be daunting - between gathering all the required materials and nailing the interview, it can be be a difficult time. Here are some great tips to make the whole process just a little bit easier

Find Out More About Applying for Your Master's